7 Good Reasons to set up your Business in Alsace!

#1 – A Strategic Situation in Europe

#2 – Excellent Connections with the World

#3 – Strasbourg, an International Metropolis

#4 – A diversified and dynamic Business Environment

#5 – True Excellence in Education and in Innovation

#6 – An outstanding Quality of Life

#7 – Numerous Options for your Office Location



Every week for the next 7 weeks, we will provide you more details on each of these good reasons. So stay tuned!


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Good Reason #1 : a Strategic Situation in the Trinational Region of the Superior Rhine, one of the richest and most populated regions in Europe

To set up your Business in Alsace...


... is to choose a location that connects Northern Europe to the Mediterranean Region and that is a door to Central Europe, which explains why Alsace is the #1 Region in France in terms of exports per capita.


... is to choose one of the most densely populated areas in Europe: Alsace counts close to 2 mio inhabitants, the Superior Rhine Region 6 mio, of whom 20% live in large cities. Its demographical growth is on average +12% per year. 300 mio consumers live within 900 km around Strasbourg.


... is to choose a Rich Region whose GDP per capita is within the Top 4 in France.


Did you know?

Alsace belongs to a Region called the Trinational Region of the Superior Rhine which is a transborder European region that connects Germany, France and Switzerland. It covers Alsace in France, the Baden and Rheinland Pfalz regions in Germany and 5 Swiss cantons including Basel. 6 million people live in this area and generate a GDP of 202 billion €, equivalent to the GDP of Ireland or Finland!




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Good Reason #2 : Excellent connections with the World

To set up your Business in Alsace...


... is to choose a region whose central situation, at the crossroads between key transport axis in Europe, benefits from an excellent level of accessibility thanks to:


  • A dense network of several airports located less than 2h from Strasbourg, such as the airports of Strasbourg-Entzheim, Bâle-Mulhouse, Frankfurt or Zurich.

  • High Speed Train connections to Paris, Lyon and major European Cities.

  • A highly performing Port Infrastructure with container spots along the Rhine, the 1st Commercial River in Europe, that links Alsace to major seaports in Europe.

  • An excellent road and train network within the Region that guarantees a good mobility.

  • A global internet connection with unlimited speed on the Paris-Frankfurt digital line.


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Good Reason #3 : An International Metropolis

To set up your Business in Alsace...


... is to choose a unique region thanks to the presence in Strasbourg of more than a hundred European Institutions and International Organizations, including the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.


Throughout the year, life in Strasbourg is very intense and active with expert meetings and parliamentary sessions, welcoming numerous Heads of States and Governments from Europe and the whole world. The atmosphere is very special and truly cosmopolitan.


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Good Reason #4 : A diversified and dynamic business environment

To set up your Business in Alsace...


... is to choose a Region that benefits from a diversified economy, with a large number of small and midsize businesses that constitute a solid industrial base. These are innovative internationally-minded businesses.


... is to choose the 2ndlargest industrial region in France with 5 key areas: food industry, mechanical equipments, car industry, plastic and chemical products, metallurgy.


Alsace is a region that welcomes national and international companies such as Tryba, Lilly France, General Motors, Hager, Lalique, Kronenbourg, Mars, etc...


... is to choose a state-of-the-art pilot region when it comes to innovations around the environment and energy control.


... is to choose a region where services to the industry are particularly well developed, representing 80% of business entities and 67% of employees. Strasbourg is one of the top 3 banking areas in France and is developing a strong competence in the area of insurance-related services.


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Good Reason #5 - Part 1 : True Excellence in Education

To set up your Business in Alsace...


... is to choose a Region of true Excellence: 5 of the best universities globally are located in Strasbourg and vicinity. Beyond the University of Strasbourg, the largest in France, the famous Shanghai Ranking identifies 4 universities and one Graduate Business School within less than 200km from the Bas-Rhin. The EUCOR network, which brings together the Universities of Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Basel, enables cooperations that foster the bilingual and intercultural potential of the Superior Rhine Region.


The University of Strasbourg, recognized as one of the best in terms of research, benefits from undisputed scientific know-how and from a true multi-disciplinary european and international culture.


… is to choose a Region with a strong density in educational, training and apprenticinginstitutions: Alsace is the #1 Region in terms of students in apprenticeship.


… is to choose a Region whose workforce has above average qualifications, recognized for its low absenteeism, its model in terms of productivity and its linguistic abilities thanks to widespread franco-german bilingualism.


To be continued ...


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Good Reason #5 - Part 2 : True Excellence in Innovation

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To set up your Business in Alsace...


… is to choose a Region ranked #3 in France for its dynamism in terms of innovation. 5 Clusters serve as a link between the Research World and the Business World in Alsace :

  • Alsace Biovalley: one of the major European Clusters with a global scope, it brings together companies, research labs, hospitals and universities dedicated to the Sciences of Life and Health.


  • Vehicle of the Future: brings together more than 200 Companies, Research Labs and Business Partners around finding solutions for vehicles and mobility in the future.


  • Fibers Grand Est: is dedicated to innovation in fibrous materials (wood) and eco-materials.


  • Alsace Energivie: a Cluster dedicated to finding positive energy solutions in the construction industry.


  • Hydreos: is dedicated to water management in terms of quality, health, ecosystems and pollutants' control.


In addition, Alsace benefits from a number of national and regional public Innovation and Research Centers such as the CNRS or the INSERM and from multiple technological platforms to foster innovation.


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Good Reason #6 : A unique Quality of Life

To set up your business in Alsace …


is to choose a region where life is good thanks to its Gastronomy, Alsatian wines*, landscapes, nature and heritage sites.


A new “art de vivre” in Strasbourg which has been for the past 15 years at the forefront of innovation in terms of mobility (tram, bicycle paths, car sharing, electric vehicles) and whose architectural heritage has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1988.

An excellent cultural offer – including 250 museums, the National Theater of Strasbourg, the « Opera National du Rhin », the « Zenith » concert hall, a pleasant climate, affordable housing in town or in the countryside and many possibilites to relax in nature or practice sports.


For further information:





Good Reason #7 : A diversified Real Estate offer for demanding Companies.

To set up your business in Alsace...


... is to choose a Region that benefits from many options in terms of location. From Company “hotels” to Business Incubators, from Activity Platforms to Technology Parks, here are some examples:


  • The Martelberg Park of Services in Monswiller-Saverne, which covers 25 ha of land. All administrative or business services are less than 5 mn away. It benefits from an optimal access from the TGV train station and the A4 highway.

  • The Lauterbourg Port on the Rhine offers 40 ha of real estate dedicated to transport combining water, railway and road. Services of handling, warehousing and assembling are proposed with the capacity to handle 220 tons. The construction of a container terminal is planned to reinforce traffic towards dutch ports.

  • The Activity Park of the “Alsace Bossue” in Thal-Drulingen will provide 62 ha to welcome industrial, small-scale and service companies. A Company “hotel” will complement services offered to businesses located there.

  • The Activity Park of the Brumath Region proposes 120 ha very close on the steps of Strasbourg. It is situated right off the A4 and A35 highways. A Service Center is at the disposal of businesses and employees in the heart of the area.

  • The Innovation Park of Illkirch, which covers 170 ha, is a “Center of Excellence” for Research and Education, one of the key assets of Alsace Biovalley, the Competitivity Cluster dedicated to Sciences of Life and Health. The BIOPARC, which includes three buildings, welcomes innovative companies.


To find out more, go to: www.alsace-developpement.com

They chose Alsace (part 1/3)

When the Würth Group looked for a place to set up their business in France in 1966, it naturally chose Alsace due to cultural and language affinities and the proximity to its headquarters in Germany. Since then, the French subsidiary of this group, created in 1945 and which now oversees 408 companies in 84 countries, has grown steadily to a total of 3800 employees in 2011. It now is the 2ndlargest unit in the Group, spearheading the international development. Among the main qualities of our Alsatian staff, I will mention its commitment, strong work capacity, discipline, loyalty and common practice of two or three languages. The quality of its workforce, its location at the crossroads of Europe, and its pleasant lifestyle make Alsace a particularly interesting home for companies establishing their presence in the french and/or european market.


Pierre Hugel, President of the Board of Würth-France

They chose Alsace (part 2/3)

IRCAD (Research Institute Against Cancers of the Digestive System) was created in 1994 within the walls of the Strasbourg University Hospital. Within 17 years, the Institute has established itself as the global leader in the development of new surgical techniques, as well as in the fields of IT, medical imaging and robotics applied to surgery. The success of IRCAD is primarily related to specific assets of our region : a university with a worldwide reputation, the leverage of Alsace BioValley, a French cluster dedicated to life sciences and health, and finally the international character of the city with European institutions and industrial groups based in the region. The strong commitment of politicians from all horizons at our side also contributed significantly to the development of our activities.


Professeur Jacques Marescaux, President of IRCAD

They chose Alsace (part 3/3)

A service provider specialized in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Quintiles is present in Alsace, located in the Innovation Park of Illkirch.

« Our company supports laboratories in the development and registration of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products (Clinical Project Management, Clinical Operations, Biometrics, Medical Affairs and Quality). Based in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry's European network and specialized in the electronic management of clinical studies, the site of Strasbourg benefits from a scientific and technological environment of high quality, helping develop the biopharmaceutical industry in Alsace. »


Nicolas Schaltenbrand, General Manager, QUINTILES FRANCE

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